Friday, March 15, 2013

Logic 101

Does anyone else feel like there is a serious dose of logic missing from Raffi's latest letter, published in the Moscow Times?

"Then on election day, the miracle happened. The government machine failed in almost every major city. Even according to official results Sargsyan lost by large margins."

Actually, Raffi, you lost according to the official results, and by a substantial 20 or so points.  That there were irregularities everyone agrees (the degree to which is where there are differences of opinion).

So, please explain to me why you consider yourself to be the rightful winner?  What if the irregularities in fact accounted for a difference in +5% for you and -5% for Sargsyan?  What if all the stolen votes were for some other candidate, for example, Andreas Ghukasyan...would you be declaring him winner?  How do you know?  And aren't you the one crooning about rule of law?  Is rule of law determined a la Mussolini, that is, whoever is shouting the loudest in the town square decides what the people think?  There are 5k or so people at your rallies, leaving, say, 995,000 or so Yerevan residents not at the rallies.  Are these 99.5% not "the people" too?

On what basis are you calling yourself president?


  1. Agreed. Enough operatic drama for one season.

  2. Same questions I keep asking as well :P sounds childish and delusional to me, each day getting worse as it reeks more and more of desperation

  3. Sad, Raffi, very sad. How is it possible that he was unable to amass a credible argument on legal grounds regarding the claims of election falsification? If I were in Yerevan now and in Liberty Square, I would be feeling cheated. Armenia does not need demagogues now. The country is crying for real leadership. Raffi, either lead responsibly or step down from the soapbox.