Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Give peace a chance

Hopefully the sides are taking the opportunity to promote dialogue to better forge a path forward.  While Raffi's rhetoric has been confusing at times, he has allowed for constructive maneuvering on the part of the authorities.  In some ways the ball is in the President's court now, with Sargsyan seemingly having a freer hand to rid himself of member of the apparatus upon whom he may have relied for some votes and/or pre-election stability, neither of which is needed now. If anything, there are several unsavory types who would be welcomed by the general public to be no longer in influential positions and on the 'outs' with the President.  Sadly for the opposition, and for the nation, the last time around it was largely dregs who later showed up leading the charge in Liberty Sq (example, Gagik Jhangiryan) joining the hypocrite hate-mongers (example, Nikol Pashinyan) who have led the opposition down a destructive, populist path to blood.  Raffi's style has been a different one, but I hope he can keep the destructive forces at bay while forging constructive dialog with the powers that be.  Maybe a stronger state can result, or at least not a weakened one.

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