Saturday, April 6, 2013


I think Andreas Ghukasyan deserves to have an inauguration too.  He ran for president, feels like he got more votes than he was officially credited with, and even went on a pretty long hunger strike.  And the hunger strike was less confusing than Raffi's (I refer to the second one) because it started with a stated purpose and ended at elections, all comprehensible to me.  In fact, why stop at three?  I think we should have a few more inaugurations next week.  But let's spread them out so we don't cut into each other's TV time.  Maybe I'll have one too.  I'll round up a few friends to sing some songs, dance, and get my relatives to talk about what a cool guy I am.


  1. :)))) this made my day


  2. Good times!! maybe Inaugurations are on sale this week at the market. Also Raffi might nominate a new Vehapar as well and maybe have the writers in opera square write a really-new testament for him to get sworn in on.

    Sona in NYC